Sometimes I feel sad.
I feel sad when someone won't let me play,

or when I really want to tell about something and nobody listens.

When someone else is sad I feel sad too.

Ifeel sad when I want to be with somebody,
but he's not there.

If something bad happens. I feel sad.

When I can't have something I really, really want ,
or when I lose something special,
I feel sad.

When someone is cross with me,
I feel sad.

Sad is a cloudy, tired feeling.
Nothing seems fun when I feel sad.

I don't like feeling sad !
I want sadness to go away.

But everyone feels sad sometimes.
When I feel sad, there are ways to feel better.
I can tell someone I'm sad.

" That's OK," they say, and sit close to me.
It feels good to be close to someone when I'm sad.

It's all right to show I'm sad.
It's all right to cry.

After a while, I'm done crying.
But I might still want to talk about what made me sad.

Pretty soon I start to feel better.
I want to go to the park and swing on the swings.

I want to make something and play with my friends.

The sad feeling goes away, and I feel good again.

When I feel sad, I know I won't stay sad !


作者: cornelia Maude Spelman

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